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Local high blood viscosity theory of cancer formation

Local high blood viscosity  theory of cancer formation

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Oleg V. Popov, M.D. in Chemistry


Cancer is the second cause of death worldwide.

This work seeks to describe the ways in which cancer forms by conducting physical and chemical research. As a result, the theory covers all the cases of cancer formation. In exploring how the immune system fights cancer cells by chemical kinetics the author explained the causes of cancer with the well-known laws of physics and chemistry. Based on the theory presented by the author, a method for treating cancer is presented.

The article was based on the author's work published in August 2010 at livejournal.com [1].


The immune system is the most effective protection against cancer.

Ancient humans were born, barely multicellular organisms, and perhaps even one-celled bacteria, billions of years ago, faced with the need to fight with all possible viruses and bacteria, and parasites wishing to destroy them to capture a larger living space. The evolution of the living world for billions of years led to the creation of almost impregnable defense against various infections.

Complex organisms such as humans and other mammals invented antibodies. Fungi synthesize organic compounds, and antibiotics destroy all dangerous bacteria.

The ability of the immune system is evidenced in that most modern diseases are eliminated by vaccination.

The Theory Fundamentals

The immune system fights against bacteria and viruses by a chemical reaction, the rate of which is expressed by a simple formula that depends on the concentration changes of time [5]:

v=delta (C)/t

There are two competing processes: the creation of new cancer cells and their destruction by leukocytes. If the rate of destruction of cancer cells is greater than the rate of their formation by dividing cancer cells – cancer can be cured. Otherwise, the tumor continues growing.

Alive cell as a black box

The author considers the living cell as an abstract black box [4], which receives some input signs (food and other components) and gives other signs output. Sometimes the cell as a black box degenerates into a cancer cell.

How and why this happens the author does not know, but  a statistical theory is offered, such as is done in the physics of radioactive particles,  the theory of half-life (t½)[3]. Half-life (t½) is the time required for a quantity to fall to half its value as measured at the beginning of the time period. The author supposes that the half-life theory of the degeneration of a healthy cell to a cancer cell can be applicable.

What determines the concentration of particles and anti-cancer at a given point of the body?

The concentration of cancer cells depends on the supply of nutrients to the cancer cell-utero and their rate of absorption of the cell, which is a constant and only depends on time.

The concentration of leukocytes in the blood of a given point only depends on the concentration of white blood cells around and the speed of the particles in the fluid, which is subject to Stokes' law [2], which states that the velocity of a particle is inversely proportional to the radius of the particles and the viscosity of the medium.

To increase the rate of destruction of cancer cells, the organism needs to increase the concentration of white blood cells or reduce the viscosity of the blood, which increases the rate of diffusion of leukocytes to the tumor.

The occurrence of cancer in bruises and blood clots

This theory explains how the cancer appears in bruises and blood clots. In the area of a blood clot, blood viscosity increases dramatically and there is an "oasis" where at any moment cancer can form.

Radiation occurrence of cancers

When a radioactive particle passes through the solution of a biological fluid, it leaves behind a trail of coagulated protein, that is, a chain of blood clots. In such a "radioactive cloud" there are areas with high viscosity and where cancer cells occur.

Smoking and Cancer

Tobacco contains a large number of resinous substances with high viscosity, which condenses when smoking in the lung. Over time with their absorption into the blood, tarry substances cause local areas of increased viscosity in the blood, which, according to the above theory, create the conditions for the formation of cancerous tumors.


The main result of this work is that cancer can be defeated by decreasing blood viscosity. On the basis of the theory presented above, the treatment of cancer should be the use of drugs that lower blood viscosity. One such medication is acetylsalicylic acid [6].

P.S. The authors of the theory received many questions about the leukaemia and ways to treatment this.

Sorry, the auhors did not study this question very deeply. But our theory is a universal. And we can offer you the way to recovery absolutely full. The leukaemia consists from big amounts of small cancer particles very strong to resist to the human immune system. Thus we offer to break by ultrasound these particles by state the human immune system can destroy them itself.

Also we offer to treat metastasises. Destroy them by ultrasound to the state that these particles the human immune system can destroy them itself.


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